Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening ( Reverse the discoloration)

Teeth Whitening, also referred to as Dental Bleaching, is a procedure which helps reverse the discoloration of teeth.

Types of teeth discolorations or staining
1. Extrinsic- Improper brushing or intake of certain beverages like tea/ coffee can cause stains to accumulate on the surface of teeth. Over time these stains calcify and become yellow colored deposits. Professional cleaning or scaling can help get rid of these stains and deposits.
2. Intrinsic – There are certain discolorations which are internal in nature and cannot be helped with simple cleaning. In such cases teeth whitening is a good, effective and safe option.
Reasons that discolor teeth
3. Exposure to certain foods and beverages over time like tea, coffee, red wine, cola, tobacco, gutkha, paan masala, supaari, etc.
4. Genetics discoloured teeth is a trait that runs in the family.
5. Improper brushing habits and poor oral hygiene.
6. Aging.
7. Trauma or injury to teeth.
8. Smoking.
9. Ingesting more than optimal amounts of fluoride or certain drugs like tetracycline while teeth are developing, before they erupt.

In-office whitening
In-office whitening involves a chemical bleaching process, accelerated by a source of light. This procedure is usually completed in one hour and should be done only by a qualified specialist or a dentist. The amount of whitening depends on the original discoloration of the tooth and the individual himself. In some individuals whitening is very effective getting 2-3 shades lighter, while in some the results are less dramatic. After the procedure there could be mild sensitivity for a couple of hours, which will gradually but surely go away with time.

Home teeth whitening

Home use bleaching whiteners dispensed by the dentist or available over the counter at drug stores are generally lower in concentration as compared to in-office whitening, since they are meant to be used over a period of days or weeks.

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