Bridal & Groome Packages

Bridal Dental Makeup

Your wedding day will hopefully be one of the smiliest days of your life–then the photographer says “everyone smile”…we can get your teeth up to the occasion. Here is your opportunity to get your smile makeover that will make you shine like a movie star bride. Your makeover will improve your esthetic appearance, your self confidence, and your oral health far into the future. Your wedding will be remembered forever by both you and your husband but also by your family and friends. All of this thanks to cosmetic dentistry by The Wedding Dentist.
Nothing is more stunning than a beautiful bride in a beautiful dress with a beautiful smile. If you are getting married, what better way to prepare for your big day than having your teeth whitened? Remember…those photos will last forever.

Having your teeth whitened is relatively inexpensive and can produce amazing results, but it’s not for everyone.

  • Teeth whitening does not produce the same results on all types of teeth discoloration.
  • Someone with yellow-tinted teeth would probably have great results with bleaching, while someone with gray-tinted teeth might be disappointed because they don’t bleach as well.
  • If you have tooth-coloring fillings and / or crowns and bridges, they will be darker after your teeth are bleached because they don’t lighten with the whitening process.
  • A person with gum disease should not get their teeth whitened.
    Be sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist to see if you would be a good candidate for teeth whitening.

Different Types of Whitening
So many whitening options are available that it can be quite overwhelming, especially when you have a wedding to plan. Three popular and effective bleaching options are:

  • The one hour, in-office whitening treatment by a dentist
  • Bleaching trays and gels from your dentist or purchased over the counter
  • Whitening strips sold over the counter
  • Whitening Toothpastes

In-office teeth whitening offers excellent results. This procedure is performed in the dental office and can be done very quickly, usually in a little over an hour. In-office bleaching is usually more expensive, but the time that you save by having immediate results can make this option appealing.
Brides and their Smiles – Cosmetic Dentistry
Planning a wedding? There will be plenty of details that demand your attention. Besides the dress, the flowers and the food, there is one thing that everyone will notice on your special day: your smile. Our participating dentists can help you make your smile as radiant as possible.
Achieving a Bridal-White Smile
Professional cleaning. A professional cleaning in a dental practice before your wedding can help remove stains that might otherwise make your smile less than bright. If food, beverages or tobacco have caused the discolouration, your smile may benefit from a tooth whitening treatment from our participating dentists.
Other Cosmetic Dentistry Options
If your teeth are chipped, broken, cracked or badly stained or have slight gaps, ask our participating dentists about bonding. Bonding is a cosmetic procedure that uses tooth-coloured materials that are attached or bonded to the tooth surface. The process can improve unsightly stains from coffee, tea, tobacco or certain medications taken in childhood. Bonding sometimes is used to correct chips or to fill small cavities.

The bonding process involves preparing the tooth surface with an etching solution. The solution allows the bonding material (resin-based composites) to better adhere to the tooth. Resins of various colours are carefully blended to match the colour of the existing tooth. The resin is applied, contoured into the proper shape and hardened using a special light or chemical process. The bonded tooth then is smoothed and polished to appear natural. Bonding usually can be completed in one visit.
Veneers are thin custom-made shells that are designed to cover the front of the teeth. Made of tooth-coloured materials, veneers are used to treat gaps and teeth that are permanently stained, poorly shaped or slightly crooked. Veneers also are used to cover teeth that are chipped, worn or eroded at the gum line.

Groom Dental Makeup
No doubt, for the past several months (maybe more), your bride-to-be has been running around finding the perfect dress, working out at the gym, deciding her make-up and hair styles, doing everything to look perfect on this special day. All eyes will be on her but she will only be looking at you. Make sure you meet her gaze with a smile that will take her breath away.

At Thind Dental, we are dedicated to helping you to achieve the perfect smile for your wedding day in just two visits, our range of cosmetic dentistry and facial rejuvenation treatments have been designed to ensure that you walk down the aisle on your big day, looking and feeling your absolute best.
Our team will correct your discolured,broken or chipped tooth,missing tooth,little spaces in between teeth ,tooth which are not aligned properly and many such problems which hamper your smile
Our extensive range of facial and cosmetic services includes:

  • Smile Rejuvenation
  • Laser Smile Enhancement
  • Laser Teeth Whitening or bleaching
  • Gingival Depigmentation
  • Gummy smile correction
  • Lumineers Porcelain veneers for the perfect wedding smile makeover and changing your dark (amalgam) fillings to perfect white ones.
  • Dental Jewels-a magnificient way to add sparkles to your stunning smile

Whether your the groom, why not take some time out to visit our nearby beautiful clinic, our experienced cosmetic dentist will discuss your various treatment options with you and provide you with the perfect wedding smile.

Getting a Wedding Smile Makeover
Brides and grooms are entitled to look great on their wedding days, and the photos should always sparkle with happy, beautiful smiles. All the attending party can be assisted with a smile makeover, including brides, grooms, bridesmaids, best men, ushers and parents.